Presidential visit, monumental traffic tie-ups

Presidential visit, monumental traffic tie-ups

A Presidential visit could mean monumental traffic in North Alabama Thursday.

WAFF has received numerous calls from viewers wanting to know what highways, roads will be closed and if flights will be delayed.

The answer is yes and maybe.

Those in charge, simply asks that you be patient while the President comes to town.

From the highways, to high in the sky, expect possible delays, tight security, and a historic visit. One that some Valley residents heard about for the first time Wednesday.

"I got a son in the Marine Corp. So I just want the guys to come home," said Sherri Grant of Decatur.
But President Bush's stop in North Alabama is not a military stop. He'll arrive at the Huntsville International Airport, then head to Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.

For the places in between, that means:

Planes will pause, traffic tie-ups in some spots, stop and go in others.

"He visited Birmingham last year and I was in that traffic. It was pretty bad," David Shelton, a North Alabama resident.

"I was in Louisville not long ago when Queen Elizabeth was in town for the derby. It was a mess too," said George Williams, a truck driver out of Tennessee.
A mess drivers say they're braced for since it's only one day and, after all, it *is* the President.

"I know how to roll with the punches," sad Beaulah Draper.

"If it's stuck this way, I'll go that way. If its stuck that way, I'll go this way," Grant reasoned.
In the meantime, some friendly advice from Williams, a self-proclaimed road warrior:

"Stay at home," he said.

Because of security, law enforcement is not releasing what roads will be closed or delayed.

For those expecting to be in the air at some point Thursday, a spokesperson for Huntsville International Airport says at this time there are no flight cancellations.

They do not expect any major disruptions.