Family deals with one tragedy after another

Family deals with one tragedy after another

Margaret Smith is relying on her inhaler for COPD a lot lately. She's been under a lot of stress.  This insurance adjuster is surveying the damage to her home from a fire.

"It happened night before last and I was in Mississippi at my parents for fathers day."

Mrs. Smith was still grieving from a major loss.

"My husband passed away 4 weeks ago."

This wasn't just home to Margaret and her husband, but their 15 year old and a 6 month old grandchild they were raising.

Last night they stayed at a motel, but she says they can't afford to continue that. Today the children are with relatives and frightened.

Food, clothing and a place to stay....everything is needed here.

The family says they don't believe the insurance will begin to cover their needs and Mrs. Smith is lost, through her tears saying she doesn't know what to do.

Her grown daughter is also in a state of shock.

Elizabeth Freeman says, "And it's just like every thing's just taken away... Inside I'm just numb."

For now, all this family can do is sift through the ashes and the memories.  Smith adds, "It's about more than I can take, really."