D-Day Remembered

June 6th 1944 is a day no American should ever forget. It was D-Day, the day that the Allies invaded Normandy and began the liberation of Europe which led to victory in World War Two.

2,500 died on the beaches. Now sadly, on almost a daily basis, you can read of the passing of one of the men who helped save the world that day.

Right now we are in a very different kind of war against a different breed of fanatic. There will likely be no D-Day or "Beginning of the End," or any other single tactic that can deliver the ultimate victory. This fact makes it frustrating to us here at home. And at times, despite the best intentions of thoughtful debate and democratic discourse, we seem more divided than ever.

Whether you favor a withdraw of our troops, or you support this war, I think it's important to look back to June 6th, 1944 and remember that the odds against success on that day were every bit as daunting as they seem today in Iraq.

Through the sacrifice and the strength of those who served we can find hope and maybe the will needed to get us through these tough times 63 years later.