Senate brawl

The special session of the state legislature came to a close last Thursday, and believe it or not there were some notable accomplishments: An education budget passed, action taken to protect drivers from those underinsured, etc...

There were several positives on the legislative scorecard.

Shamefully, a boxing scorecard was better suited to adjudicate the sessions' final day.

You and the rest of the world have no doubt seen the video tape a hundred times by now.

Charles Bishop delivering a right cross to the face of Lowell Barron. Your tax dollars at work.

Was it a sucker punch? Was it provoked? Who cares?

This embarrassing display reached far beyond Montgomery. National and international news outlets picked up on it and replayed and published it around the world. Once again Alabama is unfairly portrayed and judged as some kind of backwoods unsophisticated entity.

Passion is one thing, and violence is another, especially while doing the people's business on the floor of the state house.

It's easy to dismiss this as a heat of the moment loss of temper, but in the business of promoting growth in the State image is everything. And this is an image that did a lot of damage to Alabama.

The sad fact is, over the course of their legislative careers both men have demonstrated that they do care about the image and the future of our state. Mr. Barron and Mr. Bishop need to get together, and soon, to figure out how to turn this negative into a positive and turn the other cheek as well.