June 19 Sex Offender Search

Charlie Edward Tubb committed sodomy and sexual abuse, both in the first degree.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety's website, his victim was a three-year-old boy.

The site lists an address on Ervin Patterson Road in Albertville and Tubb is described as having a scar above his right eye and a teardrop tattoo under each eye.

Now, Tubb is wanted by the sheriff's office for violation of the community notification act.

They add, he has a tattoo that reads "Leeann" on his neck, has "Mercedes" inked on his right hand, and a "Danelle" tattoo on his left.

His last known location was at a mobile home community on Fry Gap Road in Arab.

If you have any information as to his whereabouts, please call the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at (256) 582-2034.