A family's grief is mounting in the wake of another death

A family's grief is mounting in the wake of another death

An overnight fight ends in gunfire and grief.

Now one Valley family struggles through tragedy once again.

First it was an historic accident. Now it's a bizarre shooting.

The Colliers are living and dying in tragedy.

This time a teenager went to her grandmothers for the night.

Why she'll never make it back home is the focus of this WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

Once active and smiling, 16-year-old Jamie Collier, now dead.

"She was one of them types like to get out, have fun," says Jam Samples.

Memories are all that's left of Jamie.

Her best friend and cousin was Christine Collier, a 16-year-old Lee High School sophomore who was tragically killed in the I-565 bus tragedy.

Nicknamed Ella, her death--fresh.

"Now something else gotta pop up. It's going to have us thinking back about Ella, have us thinking about her now."

The Collier house, full of grief again with tragedy striking twice in seven months.

On Monday night at the corner of Yale and Mount Vernon, a fight between two groups of teenagers led to a stray bullet landing in Collier's chest.

Neighbors say they're not necessarily surprised that something happened here.

They say this corner is a popular hang out for teens.

"I heard the noise," says Janet Moore who lives on Yale Circle.

She says peace and quiet are rare.

"Be dangerous, 'cause you don't really know what's going on. And that corner up here, there's always something up there going on, people shooting guns."

A 14-year-old now sits in the juvenile detention center charged with murder and another 16-year-old leaves behind a family mourning.

An unwanted feeling growing all too common.

The 14 year old's name has not been released because he is a juvenile.

Meanwhile Collier's funeral arrangements are not yet finalized.