Why the need for a new tax in Limestone County?

Why the need for a new tax in Limestone County?

Clements High School has a long standing reputation for excellence, but the years have taken their toll, according to the school's principal, Donald Wilson.

"Basically we're just cramped as far as space, outside space as well as inside space."

Portable classrooms and even divided classrooms are the norm here. Leaks have stained the ceilings and ruined the floors.  Lockers need to be replaced.

Several projects are needed at Clements, but the project that needs the most attention are the leaks in the roof.

Superintendent Barry Carroll says they would like to build a new K-5 elementary school in Clements and this school be 6th grade through 12th.  All schools, city and county would benefit from the proposed tax.

Carroll says, "It's distributed by the number of students that you have."

That means the city would get about a fourth and the county 3 fourths, based on enrollment.