Honor Flight continues to send WWII vets to memorial

Honor Flight continues to send WWII vets to memorial

Honor flight... WAFF 48 is a sponsor of a program sending World War II veterans to Washington, DC.

The first honor flight is long since over.

In early April, 14 World War II veterans made the trip and another is scheduled for mid-September.

This time the group is seven times the size for travels that mean too much to quantify.

Less hair and more wrinkles.  A pair of glasses and a cane or two.

They may be worse for wear, but all wear pride visibly.

"I went in a month before Pearl Harbor."

Pride from a war six decades past.

"62 or three years ago today, I was in London unloading a load of tanks."

Yet seemingly no more than six days old, a room full of fresh memories.

Cal Evans is a veteran.

World War II tops on his hat of service, he's just one of one hundred WWII veterans.

Gathered in a church fellowship hall, organizers dub it the largest group of WWII veterans ever assembled in the Heart of the Valley.

A group preparing for a September flight to Washington D.C.

A day trip to the WWII Memorial, an experience most never expected.

"It'll be a thrilling thing that's for sure."

All expenses paid, a gift most embrace humbly.

"We all just did what was necessary to end something."

Something long since over, honor still just beginning, six decades late, but still better than never.

If fundraising allows it, this won't be the last Honor Flight.