The Rocket City nabs number five spot as America's safest drivers

The Rocket City nabs number five spot as America's safest drivers

Here's some news that might surprise you about Huntsville drivers.

In its annual "Best Drivers Report," Allstate rated the Rocket City fifth in the country.

But some Valley drivers are quite shocked.

WAFF 48 News has received numerous emails from people complaining about drivers not using their turn signals and being distracted by their cell phones.

Although this recent report only represents a certain percentage of drivers across America, it's promising and perhaps showing progress.

It's a familiar slogan, "You're in good hands."

According to Allstate, that holds true here in the Valley.

An in-depth study revealed Huntsville as number five out of the 200 largest cities in the nation when it comes to safe drivers.

Ross Brewer, of Brewer and Associates, an Allstate agency principal here in Huntsville says,  "Over a two year period they analyze they're own claims data from their own policy holders and it represents about 12 percent of the people so that way they got a realistic number."

We got mixed opinions from those in the captain's seat.

Driver Dana Readus says, "I don't know about that."

WAFF 48's Jeanie Powell asked, "Why do you say that?"

Readus responds, "Because somebody cuts me off on the road everyday."

Driver Randy Schauer says, "That's great, considering driving around here.  Sometimes you being to wonder with the Parkway and interstate."

Driver Lorie Gusich couldn't believe what she heard because of the number of wreckless drivers she sees.

Their biggest complaints are speeding, road rage, and cell phones.

Allstate's findings are pleasing to local law enforcement, showing education and enforcement are paying off.

Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville says, "It's giving a lot of merit to the drivers... The fact that they're adhering to what we're saying and they're doing a good job."

So far this year, there have only been four traffic fatalities in rural Madison County, only 11 within city limits, well below average.

In recent years in Huntsville, the numbers of citations given out, have risen in the thousands, possibly contributing to fewer serious accidents.

But Trooper Summerville says there is always room for improvement.

The three biggest problems troopers encounter are speeding, following too closely, and not wearing safety belts.

Many drivers still aren't properly adhering to the laws and now Huntsville Police have created a second traffic task force to address citizens' concerns.

Remember if you drive better in the long run, your insurance rates will also go down.