Pets not safe from the heat

Pets not safe from the heat

The heat continues to take its toll on all of us, including the animals.

WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn took a trip to Huntsville Police Department's k-9 training field, where working with heat and dogs goes hand in hand.

The training season is wrapping up for the k-9 unit at HPD.

Even with only 4 weeks left, the temperatures keep rising, making this school a sizzler and the hounds even hotter.

"We have to pace ourselves, pace our dogs, keep plenty of fresh water keep them in the shade when we can,"  says Officer Mike Posey.

On the drill field today, Officer's Spartan and Ivan, 2 German shepherds, are yearning for a bite out of crime, yet thirsting for a sip of water.

"It would be nice to say we're training constantly, but we've got to give our dogs time to cool down. We can run them for 10-20 minutes each, but then we've got to give them 15-30 minutes to cool down."

Sporadic training in the shade, Posey says, is all they can do, and it's up to the handler to recognize the signs of overheating.

"When they start that panting, we immediately get them fresh water and cool them down."

And he says if they don't, they can become lethargic, even worse die.

He says the rules of the game, "cool water out of hose, run it over the chest, pads of the feet," goes for all dogs.