Trying to stay cool is hard to do

Trying to stay cool is hard to do

High temperatures are a summer mainstay, but is there any way to beat the heat?

You will find people outside, trying to stay cool, fighting a losing battle, because the heat is on.

It's a cliche nobody knows better than John Watson and Phillips Harburger.

They are the sound crew for Monday's concerts in the park, at work, outside, all afternoon.

"It's just hot. You have to drink plenty of water."

With the sun bearing down, there's no running away.

One piece of advice to beat the heat- find as much air conditioning as possible.

For us, it means mean crawling into our live van and 2 sources of cool air.

Others don't have the luxury, people like john and phillips.

A crew that wants you to hear the concert, offering advice you probably should hear.

"We try to get out of here before the real heat sets in. Take care of it before it gets really hot out here. Just drink water man, drink water and try to stay cool."

Stay cool. Figuratively. Cause literally, well, that is darn near impossible.

Experts say any physical activity, if possible, should be limited to morning and evening hours to avoid the hottest part of the day.