Pre-paid funeral policy dead for elderly Priceville couple

Pre-paid funeral policy dead for elderly Priceville couple

Lillian Coggins works hard at her job at C.F. Penn's Hamburgers in Decatur.

She thought hard work and good planning would serve her family well.

She and her husband went to a funeral home in Priceville and bought their pre-need plan in 1997.

They were relieved when they paid it off in 2000.

"We had our caskets each, and the funeral payments."

Then the funeral home was sold, and Coggins says they were told the new owners would honor old contracts.

Later they were told their $7,000 was in a trust fund.

Now a For Sale sign looms over the property.

Coggins says, "We got a letter from them saying we didn't have nothing! They weren't responsible for nothing!"

This is especially upsetting since Coggins' husband is in bad health.

"I don't know 'cause he's got cancer right now. He's got prostate cancer. He's got to start taking treatments for that."

We tried to talk to someone representing Holland Memorial Chapel but the office is deserted.

A phone number on the wall led us to an answering service.

They told us they could not track down Todd Holland.

Mrs. Coggins believes there are other folks in Priceville also holding claims to non- existent funerals.

She says, "I feel like they done us dirty!"