Family searches for answers in mother's death

Family searches for answers in mother's death

60 year old Diana Wilson died in her home, a bullet in the head and a fire that took out generations of keep sakes.

An incident which has some people saying suicide, but her family says that puzzle has pieces that don't fit.

Krista Drinkard is Wilson's daughter.

"First of all they didn't find any positive residue on her hands."

Drinkard says in addition to no gun residue there were no finger prints on the gun and no note.

The family says while Diana had bouts of depression in the past, she finally seemed happy.

"The main thing is, she loved us and she loved her grandchildren more than anything."

Drinkard says her mother was also making concrete plans for the future, both long and short term.

Everywhere you look here is a reminder of a woman who very deeply loved her family, and yet also a reminder of a woman who died a violent tragic death.

Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett says,  "We've had preliminary indications from our forensics folks by phone but nothing concrete on paper yet. Until we get that we're not going to give out any kind of major ruling."

The family says some sort of accelerant was used in the bedroom where the fire started.

But for now there are more questions than answers....answers hidden in the ashes.