Drag race accident leaves 6 people dead

Drag race accident leaves 6 people dead

A charity event turns deadly when a dragster, performing a tire burning stunt, slams into a crowd of spectators Saturday night, in the small town of Selmer, Tennessee.

Six people were killed and 20 others injured.

It happened on Highway 45, a five lane road in the heart of downtown.

33-year old Renee Jones caught the terrifying ordeal on tape.

"I could see the car in my view finder. He started fish tailing and then hit," says Jones.

The dragster, driven by Troy Critchley, a 20 year veteran of the sport, lurched out of control.

Raising concerns about safety.

Each June, at least 40,000 people line this highway to watch an event called "Cars for Kids."

The weekend raises about $200,000 for a local children's charity.

Now, this weekend's tragedy is raising questions.

Why no protective barriers?

Why were fans so close?

What could have gone wrong?

Questions even the driver's dad is asking.

"I think they should be made more secure for spectators, you know. Those accidents shouldn't happen.," says Walter Critchley.

The TBI is investigating why and how a super-charged dragster lost control.

But answers are not easy to come by.

"We'll have to put the pieces of the puzzle together," says David Mitchell, with the TBI.

While they work to find answers, family and friends of those killed pay tribute at a makeshift memorial at the scene of the crash.

A place many will never forget.

"The only thing you can do in those times is just wrap your arms around those people and let them know you love them and that god loves them. And the lord will help them get through times like these," says McNairy County Sheriff's Chaplin Blake Carroll.

They will look at everything surrounding Saturday night's fatal accident, including the driver, the car and the venue.

Prosecutors say no decision has been made about criminal charges.