Hackers wipe out Shoals debit card accounts

Hackers wipe out Shoals debit card accounts

Some Shoals credit union members had their accounts wiped out.

Someone hacked into their debit card accounts.

Listerhill Credit Union in Sheffield in Colbert County learned of the security breach when they were contacted by Visa.

The accounts were compromised after a local retailer had it's system hacked into and according to Listerhill, Visa is not releasing the name of the local retail store where the cards were used.

The system breach began about three weeks ago.

Listerhill says it will only affect one percent of its customers.

However, debit card accounts at several other Shoals banks could also be involved.

Listerhill members Doris Fountain and Crystal Huddleston learned their accounts were affected after their cards were declined at local stores.

No money was taken out of Huddleston's account, but Fountain says her account was wiped clean.

"My check was direct deposit, there should be money in the account. I tried a second ATM location and that didn't work. I contacted the bank and learned that my card had been compromised due to stolen identity."

Listerhill has agreed to pay Fountain back the stolen money.

The bank is notifying affected customers by mail.