Cadets get pepper sprayed

Cadets get pepper sprayed

For the last few weeks Cadets have been training to wear the badge of a Huntsville Police Officer.

Today they were sprayed with pepper spray; it's just one of the various training tactics that could save their lives.

WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn was there for today's training and joined in on the exercise.

With eyes forced open, and no control of breathing, it's excrutiating pain

"You don't ever want to get sprayed by that," says one cadet.

That being Oleoresin Capsicum; AKA: pepper spray, and for these women and men they're biting the bullet. But why?

"What's your 10-20? 1020 is 3011 Sparkman Drive in rear of building, 10-4, what up man...(spray) get back get back," the excericise is conducted between a cadet and training officer.

It's a training exercise for HPD cadets..."get back get back get back get back," to learn how it feels to be sprayed.

"If an officer will tell you don't resist, comply, give up cause it's going to to burn," say Cadet Yuliya Zaremba.

And learn how to react if sprayed by accident, "breathe..." says a training officer.

And to accurately report this story I myself took a turn.

"(Robyn gets sprayed) open your eyes...oh my gosh!" I scream.

"Rub it light, rub it light...give her some soap," says a training officer.

"You see it's hot, right baby, that's why you got to concentrate on your breathing," I'm told.

After about five minutes, I was finally able to respond.

"This is one of the worst pains I've ever been in, I can't really compare it to anything else...for a criminal, I don't see how anyone would want to refuse a police officer," I tell the camera.

A quick move to a fan nearby -- and the pain is still there, "This hurts!"

Now I've experienced what a criminal or police officer might encounter on the streets; streets that for the last 15 years -- have been patroled with officers carrying pepper spray.

Huntsville Police made 13,149 arrests in 2006 and during that period, officers used OC spray only 206 times.