Decatur Police nets big catch

Decatur Police nets big catch

People are used to seeing just about anything in the Point Mallard Wave Pool.

Except this. A small dump truck was fished out of the pool and now they are working hard to salvage it.

Meanwhile police went on a fishing expedition of their own and a nibble turned into a catch.

Lt. Chris Mathews of the Decatur Police Department says,  "We began an investigation and as a result of that investigation so far we have arrested one 17 year old juvenile for criminal mischief in the second degree."

The images here put a new perspective on behavior some see as a prank.

Mathews adds, "We expect at least one more arrest for criminal mischief, second degree and we're starting to look at other suspects as well."

The bills are coming in for repairs and if that money is above $25-hundred, the charge could increase to a felony.

And it may not just be the teenager who is in trouble with crimes like this.

"If the child is found guilty of the offense, the parents can be made to pay restitution."