Money dye pack explodes on bank robber

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department is investigating a bank robbery.

A man walked into the Champion Alabama Employees Credit Union in Courtland at 10:00 a.m. with a weapon and demanded money.

The teller gave it to him, and he took off in his car.

While making his get-away, the dye pack in the money bag exploded--- startling him and causing him to lose control of his car.

Residents in the area say that's when they saw him throw some of the money out of his vehicle's  window and then speed off again.

Investigators recovered some of the money, but they have not been able to track down the robber.

They say it won't be too difficult, though.

If you see someone with red ink all over them, please notify local police.

WAFF 48 News has obtained surveillance video of the bank robber. We'll broadcast those pictures on tonight's newscasts and on WAFF.COM.