Good Samaritans honored, for unselfish efforts

Good Samaritans honored, for unselfish efforts

April 5th, 2007, 10 o'clock A.M.

Mattie Matthews watched with tears in her eyes as thick smoke poured from the roof of the place she's called home for the past 30 years.

However, she was outside watching, instead of stuck inside because of four city sanitation workers who managed to pull Matthews, her 90 year-old mother, and her six year old grandson from the blaze.

"God bless them, I really do thank them," Matthews said back in April.

Thursday, June 14, 6 o'clock P.M.

The City of Huntsville shows their gratitude for the four men's selfless acts.

Raymond Garner, Donnie Perry, Yancy Cross, and Michael Hyter were honored with outstanding performance plaques for their superior public service and overall good in the community.

"It was nice for people to appreciate what we've done," said Hyter.

Simple comments from simple people, who never thought their good deeds could go so far.

"Not really I figured we'd get a pat on the back," says Cross.

That's probably all they'd ask for.

"We're just doing our job, trying to be helpful in the community," Hyter says.

"We pulled her out, and just glad to do it, help out at that particular time," says Cross.

Still, these four humble guys, saved three lives on April 5th 2007.

Along with their Employee Incentive Award plaques the four men will also see some extra money on their pay stubs for their unselfish efforts.