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Frazier Sumrall defends himself after house searched in connection with wife's murder

"I can't eat. I haven't had anything to eat since yesterday morning. I can't, my stomach is just a bundle of nerves," Frazier Sumrall said.

Frazier Sumrall is still reeling a day after his house was searched and he was questioned in connection with his wife, Shirley's, murder.

The two had just celebrated their 53rd anniversary when she was reported missing February 3rd.

A day later, she was found beaten to death in the trunk of her car at DeKalb Regional Medical Center in Fort Payne.

"I know I did not kill my wife. I loved my wife dearly. We were childhood sweethearts," Sumrall said.

Sumrall agreed to have his house searched and answer questions because he says there's nothing to hide.

"I can't even hardly walk to the mailbox by myself. I have to have oxygen support when I do any kind of effort. I can't pick up weight, I can't do things anymore. I could never have even picked my wife up, much less dumped her in the car," Sumrall said.

Investigators haven't released what they found in the search, but say Sumrall's not considered a suspect.

He says the interrogation had him fooled.

"I felt like I had been accused, tried, convicted and sentenced. That's how I felt, that it had gone over the edge," Sumrall said.

Sumrall says the thought anyone could think he'd harm his wife, is even more painful than her horrible death.

"Right now I'm at the point that I really wish I could join my wife," Sumrall tearfully said.

Sumrall is in the process of selling his house.

He says the memories of his wife are too much.

He's moving in this weekend with one of his sons near Montgomery.

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