Jury reaches verdict in Naff trial

Jury reaches verdict in Naff trial

The verdict is in for a Valley teacher accused of harassing a student.

This afternoon that teacher walked out of the Madison County Courthouse a free man.

WAFF 48's Nick Kenney was inside the courtroom and files this report.

Ten months of accusations, two days of trial, forty minutes worth of deliberation.

The fate of a Valley school teacher decided.

Country Day School teacher and soccer coach Brett Naff alone in a defendants chair across the courtroom.

Prosecutors accuse him of repeatedly poking an 5th grade student with a pen.

The charge: harassment.

Defense attorney Bruce Gardner closing arguments revolved around reasonable doubt.

His message hits home. The jury's verdict, not guilty.

Brett Naff steps from the courtroom a free man.

"Very good, great, great, it's been a long time coming."

A long time indeed.

Accusations started flying many months ago.

Some of Naff's soccer players accused him of physical mistreatment.

Then his arrest on the harassment charge.

Gardner calls all of it "a witch hunt."

"Total vindication. I'm elated for Mr. Naff. This has been a long and tedious ordeal. We felt like if we had a chance to give our case in court that we would prevail. And we did. I'm just happy for Mr. Naff. I'm happy for the Country Day School. And I'm happy that this is over."

Ending with a handshake, a smile, and a walk.

This case may not be over just yet.

We're told that some parents plan to file civil suits against Brett Naff and Country Day School.