Woman forced to move into hotel because of rotting house

Woman forced to move into hotel because of rotting house

Electricity to a Huntsville house was lost when a storm blew through.

Now utility workers can't repair the lines.

A late afternoon storm Friday pushed this huge oak tree over, cutting power to Shosta McAndrew's rental house on Fairway Drive in Huntsville.

She's been without electricity since.

"I'm not staying in there. Not going to put my kids through that. It's not fair to them or me," says Shosta McAndrews.

It's hot outside but imagine how stuffy it is inside a house that has been shut up for nearly a week with no power. There's a smell in the air and definitely one in the freezer where there's spoiled food.

Utilities crews can't turn her power back on.

Behind the vinyl siding on the side of her house, workers found a dangerous mess.

"When they come out here they discover the house is rotten," says McAndrews.

Studs eaten away by termites.

Filthy insulation hanging.

Sheet rock peeling and crumbling.

Pieces of her rotting house, now scattered on the ground.

"This is not safe. Its not livable conditions anybody can see that," says McAndrews

Shosta claims her landlord refuses to repair the mess.

Saying she's missed 2 rent payments.

Though she has a receipt saying paid in full.

Utilities can't do their job until her landlord does his.

Meantime, Shosta and her four girls are shelling out money to stay in a hotel.

"It costs me $704.00 as of today. No telling how long me and my kids will have to be there," says McAndrew.

The landlord is out of town.

However, his assistant stopped by while we were there.

He says the rotten boards, studs and insulation should be repaired Friday.

The power turned on by middle of next week.