Preliminary information released in plane crash fatal

Preliminary information released in plane crash fatal

We know more about the crash that killed a Kansas man last month when his helicopter went down in the Bankhead National Forest.

The National Transportation Safety Board has released it's preliminary report.

One month after a helicopter crashes into the Bankhead National Forest in Lawrence County, killing the pilot.

The National Transportation Safety Board releases *this* preliminary report.

Pilot John Scott purchased a Hughes 369-a helicopter from a private individual through a broker in Lakeland, Florida.

Scott was flying the helicopter back to his home state of Kansas.

On May 13th, around 4:45 PM he left Sylacauga Municipal Airport, on one of his planned fuel stops.

His route of flight took him over the area of Moulton.

The last radar hit was at 5:29.

No distress calls were received prior to the loss of radar contact.

Scott's helicopter wreckage was found 2 days later in the Bankhead National Forest by police and search crews.

The main wreckage was discovered in the bottom of a large crater.

The NTSB concludes that damage to the surrounding trees indicates the helicopter descended in a near vertical pattern before crashing to the ground and the base of a large tree.

Key flight components separated from the helicopter and were found near the main wreckage, along the route of flight.

Those flight pieces are undergoing further testing and examination by the NTSB.