'Trimmed' trees upset neighbors

'Trimmed' trees upset neighbors

Residents of a Valley neighborhood are upset this evening after a massacre of historic trees.

Huntsville Utilities crews cut and trimmed trees along Pansy Street today.

WAFF 48's Robyn McGlohn was there caught in the crossfire and has this report

Cutting...sawing...falling, for utility crews, it's all in a day's work. One resident believes a little more than trimming is going on ...

"They're not trimming them they're cutting them to the ground!" says Keith Buckman.

For him and his wife it's their worst nightmare.

Living in the Medical District, it's an area of town known for its historic homes and trees, but those living along Pansy Street weren't pleased.

"It's really killing our property value, they're raping the landscape and really the whole neighborhood is upset about it," says Buckman.

He says he was told the trees would be trimmed back from power lines,  but "trim" --  he says isn't the right word.

"I mean look at it they've butchered them."

And while some still stand marked to be cut; others are long gone.

It was here a 75 year old tree once stood, and obviously now all that's left is a stump and a little bit of saw dust. As you can see behind me work crews continue to cut down trees, it's something Huntsville Utilities says must be done.

"Trees are a major cause of outages," says Huntsville Utilities' Bill Yell.

He was on site today and he explained why the big cut.

"We have to, we're mandated to, to keep the trees clear of power lines, a matter of fact, in this type of dry weather when a tree limb touches a power line it arc, an arc could come down and touch this very dry grass and you got a fire."