Suspicious box found on Valley campus part of Internet game

Suspicious box found on Valley campus part of Internet game

Investigators say a box from a trendy scavenger hunt game caused alarm after several threats were made to a Valley campus.

School administrators got 4 anonymous e-mails Tuesday threatening to bomb the University of North Alabama in Florence.

Police removed a suspicious black box that was found during a search.

The box was actually a part of a geo-cash game, a popular sport among GPS owners.

The box found Tuesday was hidden by Powers Hall.

The problem was the items were in an ammunition box.

UNA leaders say they knew the box was a geo caching game, but the boxes are not locked so anyone may have opened it and placed a bomb inside.

Luckily, nothing explosive was found in the box.

A lot of geo cachers use ammunition boxes because their water proof.

Sgt. Brad Holmes with Florence Police says, "We're fortunate in this case that the item that we located was associated with the geo cash game which is an Internet based game that uses GPS coordinates which allows people to find these treasure chest to take something from it and leave something in it."

Tonight UNA officials have not decided to ban the caches from campus, but will track their locations.

The e-mail threats are still under investigation.