High school students get "hands on" experience at Calhoun

High school students get "hands on" experience at Calhoun

You don't have to be a dummy to see that this mannequin is breathing, but it takes skill to recognize that when breathing is labored, to take a pulse and blood pressure.

Someone skilled in emergency medicine would know that after training at Calhoun Community College.

Barbara Bozeman helped put this camp together.  She says, "I want them to be excited about all the opportunities in health care. I want them to be goal directed."

Giving them hands-on experience in several fields help with that direction.

They can see how research is done, how to start an IV, even how to operate.

Drew Anderson says this camp helps him focus on plans to be an anesthesiologist.

He says, "I was kind of skittish about wanting to be a doctor. I wasn't too sure, but I definitely want to for sure now."

Part of the hands-on experience these students get is literally doing surgery...and trying to remove a tootsie roll from the gall bladder.

This shows students a less invasive way to help patients through surgery.

And learning how to recognize sounds can save a life.

Austin Junior Chelseay Blades says, "I learned a lot about the body and pulses and things I didn't know."

Reporter:  Bobby Shuttleworth