Teen hangout could lead to arrests

Teen hangout could lead to arrests

Kids playing, families gathering....typical actitities for any subdivision.

But as the sun goes down, on the other side of the trees, a vacant field is home to some night time shenanigans, according to home owner Brian Cagle.

"The field just lends itself to 4 wheelers, dirt bikes. They race them out there. There's big parties on the weekends."

Fires, loud music and lewd behavior is only the beginning. The biggest fear is a stray bullet.

Cagle adds, "We have children that play in these backyards. You see how close they are to the field and that really frightens us. A stray bullet could do irreparable harm"

Land owners have tried everything to keep these kids off the property. They brought in big logs, put them across the entrance way, but the kids just moved them and came in anyway. They also damaged the land, by running grooves in it.

Now the police department is putting kids and parents on notice.

Lt. Chris Mathews says, "If they are riding 4-wheelers, off road vehicles on someone's property without permission, they can be arrested for trespassing."

Neighbors have decided to take action.  They will have a meeting Thursday the 14th at 6 pm at 2813 Old Moulton Road.

Reporter:  Bobby Shuttleworth