Missing teenager found in Cullman

Missing teenager found in Cullman

A teenager who'd been missing for more than a month is back in the arms of her mother.

14 year old K.C. Storm Swain disappeared on April 29th of this year.

K.C's mother pick picked her up in Cullman this morning, after receiving a phone call from her daughter.

Madison Police are not sure where K.C. has been the past several weeks, but they say they believe it was the continued media attention that forced her to contact her family.

Investigators are still looking into the matter.

They say if it is determined any criminal activity was involved, they will proceed with whatever recourse is available to them.

Her parents and authorities are concerned about her well-being because those closest to her, including her friends, have not heard from her in more than one month.

Anyone having information on K.C's whereabouts should contact the Madison Police Department at 256-772-5689 or 256-722-7190.