Mistaken identity costs man a job

Mistaken identity costs man a job

A simple mistake in typing causes a Valley man to lose his job.

He claims a mark on his criminal record doesn't belong to him.

Christopher Robinson is frustrated and for good reason.

He's being blamed for someone else's crime.

Robinson lives in Morgan County.

Two weeks ago he interviewed for a job out of state.

When the company ran a background check, they found a charge of third degree assault.

Robinson claims does it not belong on his record.

"No, never had one. Never had an assault against me at all."

So Robinson wet to the Madison County Courthouse to straighten out the typo.

The clerk ran Robinson's name through the computer.

He discovered the charge belongs to someone with the same name, living in a different county.

"It belongs to a Chris Robinson of 1614 5th Avenue in Athens," says Robinson.

Wrong person, wrong address, and according to this Chris Robinson, he has an alibi.

"Back in September 21,1999 at 10:58, I was in high school at lunch."

So how did this mix-up happen?

Robinson has traced it through this paper trail.

"On my paperwork from JB Hunt, it shows I have assault three on the same case number. The other piece of paper, it shows Chris Robinson in Athens has this case."

A clerical nightmare that's caused this Chris Robinson his career until the charge is wiped off his record.

"They say I can file dispute papers with them, they can send it to investigators, but I need it gone right now."

Robinson checked with the other Robinson's attorney.

They confirm the Robinson in our story is not the person charged with assault.

Robinson is working through the court system to have the charge removed.