Clean up program in Decatur changes teenagers

Clean up program in Decatur changes teenagers

These hands are anything but idle.

Adults devise a battle plan, and teenagers from 12 churches and community organizations set out to improve the living conditions of homeowners like Darryl Johnson.

"Normally over summer vacation they want to spend time at the ball park, swimming. But these kids are willing to come out and do something for their community. I think that's excellent"

13-year-old Hannah Glossner lends her sweat equity to a pressure washer or anything else she's asked to do.

"It does take up time, but if we're doing it for the Lord, it's fun."

Think all teenagers are lazy? This is enough to make you want to change your mind.

Mallory Green agrees.

"I felt like I wanted to serve people who were less fortunate and to spread Jesus' word."

Cale Holloway adds, "I'd probably be sitting at home right now doing nothing. They're not able to do it. I'm young and I'm able to."

It's a winning combo achieved by caulking a faith based group called Metamorphosis with some needs from city hall.

Fred Bueto is one of the organizers. He is with a group called Metamorphosis.

"We all agreed to start calling churches and making some contacts. Every church we called said they would be there."

And while some volunteers may look like they're auditioning for NASA, they really do just want to help.