Local schools and colleges receive much needed funding

Alabama State Senator Parker Griffith released information concerning money that was allocated to local schools during the regular session.

From the Educational Bond Issue, local school systems will receive the following additional money (based on enrollment) for capital expenditures:

Madison Co.   Schools             $15,797,827                                                                                     Huntsville City Schools            $17,729,686                                                                            Alabama A & M University        $ 4,245,655                                                                                   Drake Technical College          $ 671,336

In addition to the above money, operating funds for the local school systems increased approximately nine percent and approximately twelve percent for Alabama A & M University and Drake Technical Community College. Also, money for textbook allocations were increased by almost eleven percent and the Adult Basic Education Program by about fifteen percent.

For statewide educational programs, Dental Scholarships was increased by 121% and Nursing Scholarships by 877%.  The Alabama Student Assistance Program was increased by 159% and the Education Grants Scholarship Loan Program was increased by 29%.

The Department of Children's Affairs was increased by 149% and the Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention was increased by 17.4%. "It's a proud day for all Alabamians," Senator Griffith said.