Madison facing expansion due to BRAC

Madison facing expansion due to BRAC

In Madison, city leaders are stepping up plans to handle a growth explosion.

The area will be changing soon.

That's evident by all the road construction taking place.

Some streets are closed by bulldozers hauling sand and crews prepared to widen and build new highways.

A population explosion from BRAC is expected by 2011.

With it will come news jobs, more buildings, and more traffic.

A recent survey puts 11 road widening projects that must happen to meet the needs of the BRAC influx.

Madison Mayor Sandy Kirkindall says the tentative plan is expensive and unnecessary.

"One, they want to 5-lane Eastview. We don't that's necessary at this point."

Instead, the city is looking at using the $122 million someplace else.

"We would rather put that money into state interchanges at I-565 and County Line and 565. That's a much better use of that money."

The economic and transportation study is complete.

There will be a meeting Wednesday at 4:00 to discuss the findings.