Milk passes gasoline in high prices

Milk passes gasoline in high prices

Julia Workman is like most 4 year olds at Noah's Ark day care, she loves milk.

"Because it's good."

Annicka Farley agrees.

"'Cause I don't even drink juice."

But the ever rising cost of milk has some in the day care field concerned.

"It's going to be hard. We have enough to deal with, with gasoline and the field trips and we have to stretch the budget farther," says Director Jennifer McQuary.

Milk is a staple in most households and when you talk to children they will tell you there is just no substitute.

Just ask Collton Collier.

"'Cause my momma won't let me drink coke."

"'Cause I like chocolate milk," says Aaron Alexander.

So why so much to fill the glass?

Take your pick- drought, high fuel, feed prices and rising costs for dairy operations.