Is it a bird? No, it's a new military plane.

Is it a bird? No, it's a new military plane.

Folks in Huntsville witnessed an unusual sight in the sky today.

The military's new tilt wing V-22 aircraft landed in the Rocket City as part of "Test Week 2007."

The V-22 is unusual in its design, but that's not what drew so much interest.

Plans for the aircraft has everyone talking.

Its an airplane that looks like a large helicopter, with huge spinning propellers on each side.

A large crowd gathers outside the VBC to watch this unusual military plane land.

Developed to perform USMC, Navy and Special Operations command combat missions, the V-22 tilt wing aircraft is a breakthrough in aviation.

"280 nautical miles per hour, 315 mph max speed. Cruises at 270 nautical miles an hour and it can hover as you just saw," says USMC Col. Keith Daniel.

Looking through the camera lens, taking a quick snapshot, many are intrigued by the design of this aircraft.

The V-22 incorporates the latest technology, has advanced survivability and crash worthiness.

It's also the newest military aircraft that will join the war in Iraq later this year.

Daniel says the V-22 will be a huge advantage in war time.

"Its payload advantage the number of marines it can carry range at which it can take them and the speed at which it can do that."

The V-22 will deploy to Iraq sometime this fall.