Do you know if your child is safe in the car?

Do you know if your child is safe in the car?

Having small children means having car seats.

It's the law to use them, but how many people have them properly installed?

WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn spoke with a few moms to find out the answer.

"You want to try doing that yourself...yeah," says Laura Satcher, the mother of a three and four year old.

Both, by law, are still in car seats. It's a subject that doesn't get much attention, one that not many adults even know about.

"Well it's harder than I thought it was," says Satcher.

And that's why today, she along with 14 other moms, sat in the heat to make sure their car seats were properly installed.

"With the first you really kind of think about it, and then subsequent ones we get more lax," says mom Geni Clark.

"This is your car..that is my car..ok, this seat is routed incorrectly," says Madison Fire and Rescue's David Glassman.

He was on hand checking and demonstrating car seat safety.

He is certified to install and knows the laws when it comes to car seats.

"There's a lot of misperception about car seats. They think their child is big enough, when they hit 9, 10 years old, I see a lot of these kids not in booster seats," says Glassman.

The law states infants less than one year old or 20 pounds in weight must use rear facing car seats.

Children 5 years old and up to 40 pounds must be in the forward facing car seats.

Booster seats are required for children at least 6 years old, and seat belts are required until a child is 15 years old.

It's a $25 fine, but does money really matter.

Make sure it's snapped in when it comes to the life of your child.