The state addresses transportation concerns

The Alabama Department of Transportation has announced a series of public involvement meetings to be held statewide as part of development of the Statewide Transportation Plan update (SWTP).

The Plan looks 20 years into the future and anticipates future transportation needs.  ALDOT updates the plan every five years.

This regular updating of the long range plan is important in a State that is experiencing so much growth. The purpose of the public involvement meetings is to invite the public to participate in the update by sharing their thoughts about transportation challenges that should be addressed.

The span of transportation modes covered by the update includes roads and bridges, transit, bicycle and pedestrian needs, and freight transportation.  The update will closely coordinate with other planning efforts in the State to make sure that the impact on the transportation network from local initiatives and current developments are made a part of the study analysis.

The July meetings are the first of three rounds of public outreach opportunities that communities and citizens in Alabama will have to become involved.  In addition, the public is invited to visit the SWTP website that will post study materials, notifications of future meetings, and provide an opportunity for the public to submit comments.

People who live in North Alabama will get a chance to express their ideas and concerns on Tuesday, July 10 at the Huntsville Main Library on Monroe Street.  The meeting is expected to begin at 4:00 p.m. and end at 6:00 p.m.