Robber slips in and out of a bank without a sound

Robber slips in and out of a bank without a sound

A Friday afternoon robber slips in and out of a valley bank without making a sound.

The robbery happened around 4:30 Friday afternoon.

Take a good look at this surveillance shot.

You can see the suspect, a white male leaning over the counter wearing a light colored hat, black pants and a white button down shirt.

Here's what happened. Police say the robber slid the teller a note. The note said the robber had a gun. The teller slid back an undisclosed amount of money before the robber walked out of the bank.

He's got sunglasses on, and he's apparently making a withdrawal.

Police say the suspect is somewhere between 5'4 and 5' 8, weighing about 150 pounds.

Around the scene, signs, police cars, and officers would indicate that something happened, but it still couldn't keep hard-core bankers from making their transactions.

You better believe authorities want to catch this crook.

Take another look at the man across from the teller. One more glance could help keep yours or someone else's assets safe in the future.

If you have any information, call Huntsville Police at 256-722-7100.