Fallout follows from Senate blowout

Fallout follows from Senate blowout

One day later, there's more fallout from the fisticuffs on the floor of the state Senate.

A heated discussion turns into a boxing match.

This legislative session has been particularly newsworthy.

It started with a pay raise and it ended with lawmakers literally duking it out, with nothing much accomplished in between.

In the right corner--Republican Senator Charles Bishop.

In the left corner--Democratic Senator Lowell Barron.

And Democratic Senator Parker Griffith had a front row seat to the shot heard 'round the world.

"Without warning, without provocation he just came across, down," said Griffith.

The three were discussing the rules calendar.

Bishop says Barron disparaged his mother.

Barron denies the claim.

Griffith says Bishop told Barron, "We're going to be down here another three years and you better watch your back because I'm going to (expletive) you every time I get a chance."

Griffith says Barron told Bishop, "I don't really give a (expletive) what you have to say."

Bishop's counter-argument, a right hook.

A haymaker knocking down Barron.

Griffith stepped in between--incredulous.

"There's no justification for that behavior."

It's a knockout backing the state of Alabama into the ropes.

"Once again here we are saying, we're really not like that. This is a terrible image. It's a terrible black eye for the Senate, it's a black eye for Alabama. We have done so much in Alabama to overcome some of our negative stereotypes. And this sets us back," says Griffith.

Griffith argues that Bishop should face some form of official punishment.

Meanwhile, reports are that Barron is still trying to decide whether to file criminal charges against Bishop.