Some at Alabama A&M not happy

Some at Alabama A&M not happy

An update now to a story the WAFF 48 Investigators brought you first on Thursday.

Some at Alabama A&M are apparently not happy with the way the University's being run.

And now University president Robert Jennings is up for review.

After our story aired we received this email from A&M representative Jerome Saint-Jones.

It says the president of the university's board of trustees has announced that an official meeting will be added to the board retreat currently being held in Birmingham at the Marriott.

That official meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock.

Previously this initial agenda indicates the board had scheduled a session titled setting goals for next year.

One of those goals already presented by Jennings today at the retreat, a 7 percent pay raise for faculty and staff, good news now.

But the WAFF 48 Investigators will be in Birmingham for that meeting and will bring you the very latest details to this developing story.