Yard sale fundraiser for boy battling cancer

Yard sale fundraiser for boy battling cancer

A courageous child is battling cancer as boxes of clothes and toys are coming in by the truckload. But the gifts are actually for you.

Six-year old Hunter Aiton is battling cancer. His father's a Huntsville Police officer, his mother's a school teacher. Their employers and complete strangers are donating items for a yard sale to help Hunter.

In a lot of ways, Hunter Aiton is every bit of six years old. Excited about being on television, Hunter talks a lot about his favorite toys, about his water guns.

"I spray people with their clothes on, too," he says.

But Hunter's life changed on April 19th.

"This is the Huntsville one and this is the Memphis one," said Hunter, armed with hospital bracelets on both wrists, Hunter's conversations now revolve around his medications.

"Vinkristine, Doxyrobicin."

His list goes on and so does a life-changing journey for the Aiton family.

"We were dressing him one morning and he showed us a large knot that appeared overnight under his right arm," said Hunter's father, Jean Aiton.

The diagnosis is Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It was found in both kidneys and his thigh. It was spreading to his liver and pancreas.

"He does understand he had to fight for his life," said Lisa Aiton, Hunter's mother.

The Aitons make daily trips to the St. Jude's Clinic in Huntsville and St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis for chemotherapy, tests, and medicines to ease Hunter's pain.

"All those headaches. I have a lot of headaches," said Hunter.

But Hunter never stops smiling. And a generous community keeps on giving, table after table of clothes, toys and everything else, to be sold, the money to help the Aitons. They say the support is overwhelming. Their son is amazing. So how does Hunter find the courage to grin and bear each and every day?

"Because my momma and dad prays a lot and they want me to have more strength."

Hunter's last PET scan shows he's cancer free for now, but he has 315 more days of his chemotherapy regimen and plenty of doctor visits and tests.

If you'd like to check out the yard sale that will help Hunter and his family, it starts at 6 am on Saturday at the Jaycees building off of Airport Road in Huntsville, 1 block east of Leeman Ferry. If you'd like to donate an item for sale, bring it by the Jaycee's building Friday.