Jennings up for review

Jennings up for review

After an 17 month tenure Alabama A&M President Robert Jennings is up for review.

The university's board of trustees meets tonight to discuss the president's performance.

This is Jennings' first review under the board of trustees.

However sources at the university tell us the faculty and staff have already conducted their own sort of review.

It's the focus of tonight's WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

Faculty members at Alabama A&M are on pins and needles as board members will soon conduct their first evaluation of university president Robert Jennings.

Sources will not go on camera with information involving Dr. Jennings, but they tell us the faculty has concerns with the president.

I'm told support for the president among faculty members was low when they were recently asked by the board to conduct their own evaluation of Jennings.

You may remember back in December of 2005, Jennings was appointed as A&M's 10th president after the trustees first choice, Dr. Julian Earls, turned down the position.

That 7 month nationwide search followed much scrutiny against former president Gibson.

Former board president Clinton Johnson who helped bring Jennings to A&M is no longer on the board.

Faculty members I spoke with today say they have great confidence in the university's new board of trustees.

They're now in a state of waiting to see the outcome of Thursday night's evaluation.

One faculty member explained to us over the phone that it would be uncommon for the board to keep Jennings at A&M if his evaluations all come back negatively.

It is common for the board to conduct this type of evaluation with Jennings having been at the university less than 2 years.

We called the president today for comment but our phone calls were not returned.

Of course we'll keep you posted as further details surface.