Temperatures heating up the Valley

Temperatures heating up the Valley

So the heat is on.

As temperatures rise, so does the search for some way to keep cool.

Relief is hard to find.

You really have to take advantage of any opportunity.

The sleeves are rolled up, the sweat glands in effect, cause the heat is here.

Mid-afternoon, the ground shooting water skyward, and the baby sitter sitting on the side.

Sean Frankovitch and his two younger brothers are making the most of a heated situation.

"We're running through the water to cool down," says Frankovitch.

Sure, the sun beats down 95-degrees, but the heat and humidity nowhere near what it was two years ago, when the July sun kept the ducks in the pond.

We even met a guy required to be outside.

Already this year, the shade is a popular place.

It's pretty hot, though not as hot as it's been and not as hot as it'll get, either.

When the temperatures reach 90 and above, don't leave any people or pets in alone in a hot locked car.