New option to buy what you need

New option to buy what you need

Would you select another payment option?

It's a question to consider as Valley police hunt for bogus buyers using legit numbers.

But now, there's a new way to pay.

Cards and cash still popular, but you might you're fingers do the walking through your bank account, a reality some give a thumbs up in this WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

With new fangled ID theft sweeping the Valley, we stopped by Star Market, topping shoppers and shopping for an answer.

"What is your preferred method of paying for things?"

"Uh, debit."

"How come?"

"It's easy."

Ease pushing through the check out line, cash changes hands, but more often than not, the card machine slides into action.

Cashier Nicole Middleton's seen it all.

"Yeah people come in here and will buy something for like a dollar and use their debit card."

Options, plentiful.

Card, cash, check, or your fingerprint, pressed against a small pane of glass.

It's another method of payment, impossible to rip-off.

It's called Biopay.

Sign up through a bank, memorize a ten-digit code, and hold onto a unique personal trait.

"It'll ask for their fingerprint so they just put their finger on it and it'll scan and then it comes through their checking account instead of having to use a card or check."

Cards and checks, both identity theft targets.

Right now Huntsville Police are searching across the south for thieves caught on camera using card numbers stolen by manipulating card machines.

Want to stay safe? Maybe use a print, or just maybe pay the old-fashioned way- cash.

Biopay calls itself a pay by touch company.

We searched for others like it, but couldn't find any.

Across all of Alabama, there are only eight stores with print pay--all right here in Madison County.