Morgan County Fairgrounds Make Neighbors Wish For Ear Plugs

Morgan County Fairgrounds Make Neighbors Wish For Ear Plugs

The area around the Decatur fairgrounds has grown in recent years.  More and more residential areas surround the land.  And over the past few years the fairgrounds have hosted more events than just the fair.

Big celebrations several times a month have some residents who live near the fairground asking for ear plugs.

Aaron Potts says the noise drowns out the tv, rattles the windows, and you can forget about reading a book, "When the fair comes, they make more noise than the rock groups do."

When these fairgrounds were first established there were not many houses surrounding the area. But the residential section has grown, and the noise level has many residents complaining.

Debbie Simcoe says, "You know you can deal with the fair. And the people enjoy that because it only comes once a year. But when you have it like once a month, twice a month, and they start like 1 o'clock in the afternoon and they leave at 12 or 12:30 or whatever."

Simcoe and Potts say they've contacted the council, mayor and police department.  Potts adds, "For 5 years i've been trying to get something done over here."

Chris Matthews with the Decatur Police Department says, "We have had a few complaints about the sound. And what we do when we receive a complaint we send a unit out. We also have sound meters, with the officers that measure the decibels of the noise being produced."

Decatur does have a noise ordinance...and a "semi-quiet time" from 10 pm to 7 am.  Most event coordinators get a variance from the city. But that doesn't always solve the problem.

Matthews says, "We go to whoever is in charge of the event and let them know they are violating the law and they need to turn the music down."

We tried to get in touch with the owners of the fairgrounds but we couldn't reach them.

Reporter:  Bobby Shuttleworth