Drainage ditch overflowing with problems

Drainage ditch overflowing with problems

Snakes, rats and mosquitoes.

A dirty drainage ditch running through a Madison neighborhood has homeowners begging the city for help.

They say the ditch is a flood danger and a health hazard.

"It starts up at Old Madison Pike and ends on Walton," says homeowner Jane Hamilton.

Running directly through Jane Hamilton's back yard, it's a drainage ditch full of problems.

"We have mosquitoes, rats, snakes and debris," says Hamilton.

Normally they wash through after heavy rains.

The ditch, bone dry now, is full of grass, trees and overgrown hedges, revealing just how deep the problem runs.

"The city has allowed more and more development to tie on to our ditch without making improvements," says Hamilton.

Fed up, Hamilton took her complaints to city leaders.

She's fired off dozens of emails, asking what can be done and when.

She circulated a petition in her neighborhood.

Still, Hamilton says nothing has been done.

"They've made lots and lots of promises. They've been empty so far," says Hamilton.

The city promised neighbors they would begin work in February.

As you can see nothing has been done.

Yesterday, Jane Hamilton heard from the city again saying they will have a design improvement plan ready at the end of the month.