Area code scam warning

Area code scam warning

Another scam to tell you about.

The sheriff's department is warning customers to check the area code before they dial. Calling the wrong area code could cost you thousands of dollars.

The latest scam, this one circulating through email.

Someone calls your phone leaves a message on your answering machine saying its important you call back. You check the number, dial it, then get a telephone bill with a $25,000 charge.

Madison County Investigator Chad Brooks looks over an alert sent to all sheriff's departments in Alabama, warning of an area code scam.

Brooks explains.

"An offender will make calls all day within the continental U.S. Bait them. Call specific number. The call charged a toll excessive 1,000 per minute." A crime often impossible to make a case on.

"What's so concerning about this. It's a case hard to prosecute because the witness is the one who placed the call," says Brooks.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department has not taken a call from anyone saying they've been taken advantage of by this scam.

However, they warn to stay away from dialing area codes 809, 284 and 876.