Investigators looking for 2 armed robbers

Investigators looking for 2 armed robbers

Two armed robbers are on the run.

The Discount Food Mart on Highway 72 in Stevenson was held up just before midnight on Tuesday.

Investigators say a man walked in and distracted one attendant, while another man armed with a small hand gun came in and announced it was a robbery.

The employees were forced to the ground while one of the suspects cleaned out the cash register and stole the attendants purses.

Investigators don't know who they are, where they're from, or where they went, but say they were very organized.

In fact, they were in earlier in the night to scope the place out.

Sheriff Dennis Miller says this probably isn't their first heist and if they're not caught, it might not be their last.

"From what we've learned, they were experienced at what they done. They knew what they were doing, what to look for, and very successful at this point," Sheriff Miller said.

If you recognize the men, give the Jackson County Sheriff's Office a call at 256-574-2610.