News tip leads to wanted men

News tip leads to wanted men

by: Nick Kenney
WAFF 48 News Reporter

A ring of robberies has been solved.

Cases closed with the help of someone watching this newscast.

Who was it?

Well, no one knows.

It was an anonymous phone call.

Not to police, but to the WAFF 48 newsroom.

How it all ended the focus of this WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

Mere yards off South Parkway, shortly before sundown Tuesday evening, Huntsville police surround Steve's Bar and Grill.

As the SWAT Team creep up from the back, unknowing patrons scatter out the front door.

A scene not long removed from WAFF 48 News at five where we ran a story about two men robbing a grocery store in Decatur and the running their car description and license plate number.

With the news fresh on the mind, a passer-by noticed that exact car in a parking lot and picked up the phone.

Unwilling to get involved with police, that passer-by called the WAFF 48 newsroom.

In turn we alerted authorities.

Police raced to Steve's and staff secretly emptied the bar.

Officers then arrested two men while onlookers looked delighted.

Edwin Samuel Alvarado and Roberto Carl Cruz Talabera face five counts of armed robbery in all.

They are suspected in three cases in Huntsville and two in Decatur.

Police e-mailed our newsroom with thanks.

"The tip that got relayed was instrumental. We got with the Huntsville guys and we were able to bring our cases to a conclusion."

A dramatic conclusion, all caught on tape after an anonymous phone call to our newsroom.

Both men are still being held in the Madison County Jail.