Hot weather's impact on Huntsville/Madison County water supply

While it is obvious that the drought conditions are severe in the Tennessee Valley, the Huntsville Utilities Water Department continues to operate with sufficient capacity.

During the last two weeks of May, Utilities' treatment plants and wells have averaged pumping over 60 million gallons of water each day.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, over 67 million gallons of water was pumped. Last year the system set a record for a single day at 72.5 million gallons pumped. The water system has a capacity in the mid 80 million-gallon range. There are no plans or need to implement any water conservation actions by Huntsville Utilities at this time thanks to the utilities ability to draw water from the Tennessee River. "We always encourage customers to use water wisely, but have no plans to call for conservation measures at this time," stated utility spokesman Bill Yell. "Barring a major mechanical failure within the system, we should be able to meet our customers water needs," he added.

Huntsville Utilities has two water plants on the Tennessee River along with three active wells within the city. The current mixture of river water in ratio well water being pumped into the system is approximately 85 percent for river water and 15 percent from the wells. The water flow of the river continues to be in the normal range.

Huntsville Utilities Water Department also supplies water to several other water systems in Madison County.