Funeral set for valley minister killed in car accident

Funeral set for valley minister killed in car accident

WAFF 48 News is learning more about two men who died in a wreck on I-565 Monday.

64 year old James Henry Grieco was driving the delivery van that blew a tire, flipped, and crashed into a concrete median.

His passenger, 56 year old Jerry Thomas Herston, was ejected from the van.

Both were killed.

The men are from Fort Payne and attended Asbury United Methodist Church.

Herston was the senior pastor.

He was planning on preaching his final service at Asbury this Sunday. WAFF 48's Eric Sollman spoke with several members of his congregation.

In his last sermon from this pulpit, Senior Pastor Jerry Herston spoke of God commanding Moses to lay down his staff.

A message for the congregation at Asbury United Methodist to do what God wants them to do.

"Everybody has been talking about that message that we will never forget," said Asbury Youth Minister Michael Rogers.

Now the congregation is talking about a man they will never forget.

"The greatest thing about brother Jerry was his sense of humor, he had the funniest sense of humor," said church member Peggy Bailey.

"A great sense of humor, and he was always positive about everything, everything's positive, this is what God wants," said member Terry Lankford.

"He's really wonderful with kids, our kids really love him, mine do," said member Sid Rigdon.

Whether he was ministering or mentoring, Herston was a big part of Asbury for the four years he was there.

"I hate that he's gone, he's in a much better place," said Rigdon.

"He loved people, you could tell that this was Gods calling in his life, this is what he was suppose to do," added Rogers.

"Jerry's in a better place than we are, and he's seeing things that we can only dream of," said Lankford.

"If God was looking for a disciple, he found one," added Bailey.

The funeral will be this Thursday at 6 p.m. at Guin First United Methodist Church in Guin Alabama.

Asbury United Methodist Church will have a memorial service this Sunday at 2 p.m.